CITM Secretariat
Room 214 and 215, Hostel of CNTA, A9, Jianguomennei Ave., Dongcheng District, Beijing100740, China

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International Exhibitor Hotline:
0086-10-65201858 / 65201292
Chinese Exhibitor Hotline:
0086-10-65201294 / 65201295
Construction Guide
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Withdrawing from Exhibition
Exhibitors withdraw from the exhibition according to the timetable arranged by CITM and could not withdraw before the schedule. After the exhibition is closed, the outside non-official contractor is responsible for the dismantlement of the booth and removal of trash off the exhibition areas. During withdrawal, exhibitors should consider the safety of exhibition areas and workers, do not take facilities of the center and other exhibitors and do not damage the water, electricity and air facilities of the center. Otherwise, the center and the official contractor will ask a compensation or fine according to the trash left or the seriousness of damage. All outside non-official contractors should submit themselves to the unified arrangement of the official contractor—Beijing Sunny International Convention & Exhibition Ltd., and dismantle booths orderly.