CITM Secretariat
Room 214 and 215, Hostel of CNTA, A9, Jianguomennei Ave., Dongcheng District, Beijing100740, China

Poster Code:100740

International Exhibitor Hotline:
0086-10-65201858 / 65201292
Chinese Exhibitor Hotline:
0086-10-65201294 / 65201295
Construction Guide
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Rental of Furniture and Electrical Facilities
Any exhibitors may order additional furniture (including desk telephone sets, fax machines and computers for internet), electrical appliances and AV equipment, from Beijing Sunny International Convention & Exhibition Ltd., the official contractor, and pay the fee for that, for details please see the Application for Facilities Rental. Exhibitors should use the rental materials reasonably and keep them properly. Any losses and damages should be compensated.