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Construction Guide
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Outside Non-official Contractor
 Any exhibitors with raw space booths have the right to designate their contractors. The contractor should have a legal person position and be qualified for construction work. Any contractors must be reported to CITM Secretariat by filling in the Outside Non-official Contract Form (Form B). Otherwise, no construction work can be started. Please see the Outside Non-official Contractor Form for details.
Construction License will be handled after they are approved by CITM Secretariat and they agree to adhere to the rules and regulations of CITM, and pay the deposit of 20,000 RMB. The deposit will be given back after the contractor dismantles the booth when the exhibition is over and clears away all trash left.
CITM Secretariat has the right to refuse any unqualified contractors to enter the exhibition hall.
According to the rules and regulations of the center, the outside non-official contractors have to pay the management fee and sign the agreement of safety with the official contractor when they register for construction and get their construction license.
The outside non-official contractor must apply for the use of electricity (see the Connection of Electrical Appliances, Construction Management Fee, Guarantee Deposit, Structural Hanging Point, and Water Inlet & Outlet) to the official contractor and fill the categories of electrical appliances and their quantities. If they are not listed on the form, please explain them separately. The form should be faxed back to Beijing Sunny International Convention & Exhibition Ltd.