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Construction Guide
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Construction of Raw Space Booth
Raw Space
CITM Secretariat provides a plan of the leased area to the exhibitors who apply for. But the leased area does not include wall panels, carpet, furniture, lighting lamps, etc.
Examination, Approval of Design Drawing
Any exhibitor that plans to construct a booth on space-only site, no matter the size of the project or the decoration area, must submit the duplicated copy of the company’s business license, the duplicated copies of the legal person and the on-site responsible person, the duplicated copy of the electrician certificate with official seal, the plane figure, elevation drawing (the construction size should be marked), effective picture, circuit diagram, material picture, electric power consumption, and the written explanations of the fireproofing materials for building the exhibition booth, in two copies
each, to CITM Secretariat for primary examination before October.21, 2014. Then all these certificates shall be sent to the Public Security Fire Bureau for examination and approval.
CITM Secretariat has the right to stop the fitting work if the work fails to conform to the approved design drawing and the requirements for construction safety. The exhibitor is responsible for any damage or loss caused by it.
CITM Secretariat will reserve the right to revise any drawing that seems unqualified and a written notice will be sent to the exhibitor with regard to the revision of the design in 10 work days. For qualified drawing, Approval for Outside Nonofficial Contractor on Construction of Raw Booth will be issued. No special fitting work can start without the written approval of CITM Secretariat.
Requirements for Construction of Raw Space Booth
●  During design and construction, any exhibitors must take full consideration of the actual conditions of the center and the related rules and regulations so as to avoid touching or damaging the existing facilities such as lamps, pipelines, etc.
●  Any decorations and fittings, whether they are on the ground or in the air, should be within the rental space area.
●  The booth built in the rental raw space should not be higher than the stipulated height (6 m) of the exhibition hall.
●  The rental area should be carpeted and its color must be in harmony with surroundings.
●  The appearance of booth should be in harmony with other connecting booths. Any booth, which is approved to exceed the stipulated height, should be separated from its neighboring booth by a white wall and should not have any points of connection with others.
●  If a booth’s backboard that links with the adjoining booth is higher than the neighboring booth, the backboard shall be covered with white, flat and clean boards. The organizers shall reserve the right to readjust and dismantle the booths that do not conform to the standards.
●  To guarantee the overall visual effect of the travel mart, the outlay of all booths must consider the wide field of vision, and shall not block the visual line of other booths. If the official constructor believes that the backboard or sideboard in an exhibitor’s design shall keep out the neighboring booths, or block the passage or the gates of the exhibition hall, the official constructor shall reserve the right to require the relevant exhibitor to change, modify, reduce or shorten the backboard or sideboard. In addition, the wallboards facing other exhibitors’ booths or the public areas shall conform to the quality requirements confirmed by the organizers.
●  Any rental site must have enough space for business talks.
●  Booth numbers and company names must be displayed in the rental space.
● Construction and arrangement of exhibits should be fulfilled in the rental area. Any occupation of the public passages including that to the safety door and fire prevention facilities is prohibited. Construction within the shell scheme booth or any change of facilities in the booth will be punished or fined.
●  Supply of electricity will be stopped if actions against rules on the use of electricity or the electricity volume exceeds that exhibitor applies for and other dangerous factors are found. Any incidents, such as smoke or burning, will be seriously handled by the public security and fire prevention departments.
●  To reduce any security danger when working at height, it’s forbidden to use ladders exceeding 2 meters. Any tools that exceed 2 meter shall be in line with the national safety standard, and movable scaffolds shall be fortified with safety barriers which exceed 1.2 meters. If any exhibitor violates the rules, the official contractor has the right to stop his/her construction, clear out and deduct the corresponding deposits.
●  During the construction and withdrawal of exhibition booths, all the workers to enter the exhibition hall must wear safety helmets; and the security staff of the exhibition hall shall have the right to refuse those without wearing safety helmets to enter the exhibition halls.
●  Any accident occurring during construction should be notified to the official contractor—Beijing Sunny International Convention & Exhibition Ltd.
●  The exhibitor should be responsible for cleanness of the booth.
●  The hanging of small balloons and big advertising balloons at the booths in the exhibition halls is prohibited.
Requirements for the Booth Construction and the Examination of the Booth Structure
1. Requirements for the Construction of Two-story Booth
    For all the two-storey structures constructed on rental space area, the height as a whole shall not exceed 6 m; and the lower floor should keep 3 m at least in height.
 If the upper floor exceeds 200 square meters, please ensure two stairs at least. The distance between two neighboring evacuation exits shall keep 5 meters at least.
    Spiral or solid newel staircases are not permitted.
   Stairs must have a clear width of 1 m. The risers may not exceed 0.19 m in height. The tread width should not be less than 0.25 m. Side parts should not be less than 0.9 m in height. Side parts must provide a secure grip, and should have three layer continuous handrails.
   On the upper floor, in the area around the parapets or railings, skirting with a height of at least 0.05 m must be provided to prevent items from rolling off.
   The upper floor shall not exceed three meters in height; must have safety railings with a height of 0.9 meters at minimum; and shall not have ceilings.
     The total area of the upper floor shall not exceed 70 percent of that of the lower floor. 
    The construction of the overall structure of the lower and upper floors (including the company’s advertising signboards and trademark) shall be drawn back 0.5 meters from the booth’s outer edge facing the passage. The construction of a two-story structure that neighbors the booths of other exhibitors shall be drawn back 0.5 meters from the boundary lines, and the outer walls must be decorated.
    Exhibitors who apply to build a two-story structure on rental space area shall pay the extra fee, which equals the product of the upper area multiplied by half of the price per 1 sq m raw space. The fee shall be paid when exhibitors receive the notice on payment after CITM Secretariat approves the blueprints. 
    A constructor shall provide the detailed structure drawings of the booth, which shall be affixed with the seal of a qualified design institute, and the seal of the national first-class registered structure engineer, and the examination report. 
    Exhibitors who apply to build a two-story structure on rental space area shall pay the extra fee, which equals the product of the upper area multiplied by half of the price per 1 sqm raw space. The fee shall be paid when exhibitors receive the notice on payment after CITM Secretariat approves the blueprints.
2. The Examination of the Booth Structure
    Shanghai New International Expo Center specifies that the construction design drawings of the single-storey booths on the space-only site whose height exceeds 4.5 meters (including 4.5 meters), the booths whose construction area of the top structure exceeds more than 50 percent of the booth, the second-floor booths and the outdoor booths in the open air shall be examined and confirmed by a first-class registered structure engineers of the People’s Republic of China with a seal. (Please refer to the appendixes 8, 9 and 10 for the detailed information.)