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Construction Guide
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Shell Scheme Booth and Reconstruction
1. Shell scheme booth.
     Shell scheme booth is referred to one booth which is constructed by adopting CITM's standard materials and exhibition appliances. It includes:
     Wall panel: The aluminum railed white standard wall panel is 950 mm wide and 2,480 mm high and supported by white alloy aluminum uprights (Any corner booth will be fixed one more fascia board instead of wall panel).
     Fascia board: The standard fascia board is 340 mm high and 2,930 mm long for carrying company name and booth number. Any company name is 12 Chinese characters and 24 English letters at most. See the Fascia Board Form for detail. Please return the completed form to Beijing Sunny International Convention & Exhibition Ltd. by fax before October 21, 2016. Extra fees will be charged if applications exceed the deadline.
     Carpet: Each shell scheme booth has a carpet floor (The floor in the booth is blue and that of the aisles is red). Furniture: Each shell scheme booth is equipped with one consulting table, one business table, four folding chairs and one wastebasket.
     Furniture: One inquiry counter, one table for business talks, four chairs and one wastepaper basket.
     Power resource: Each shell scheme booth is equipped with one 5A/220V outlet.
     Lighting: Each shell scheme booth consists of two fluorescent lamps.
     All interior booth fittings must be within the shell scheme booth structure and must not exceed 2.45 meters in height.
     Beijing Sunny International Convention & Exhibition Ltd., the official contractor, is responsible for the booth construction and rent of facilities in the booth. See the Application for Facilities Rental.
     Any exhibitors are banned to dismantle booth. If wall panel is damaged, the exhibitor should compensate it at its actual cost.
    If renting any spotlights, power outlets, telephone sets and fluorescent lamps, the exhibitor should fax their locations on a plan of the booth to Beijing Sunny International Convention & Exhibition Ltd. before October 21, 2016. See the Application for Facilities Arrangement.
     For the safety of the booth, the power outlet in the booth is banned to plug in any lighting devices (including lamp houses). If the exhibitor needs extra lighting facilities, he/she should apply for lamp rental to the official contractor (see the Application for Facilities Rental). With their own lighting facilities, any exhibitor should apply for their connection to the official contractor. The official contractor will set wire for them. See the Connection of Electrical Appliances, Construction Management Fee, Guarantee Deposit, Structural Hanging Point, and Water Inlet & Outlet.
2. Reconstruction of shell scheme booth
    Any exhibitors are prohibited to dismantle and reconstruct their booths by themselves;
   Exhibitors should hand in a written report to CITM Secretariat about their special decoration or reconstruction before October 15, 2016 and pay relevant fee for the raw space. The reconstruction should start after it is approved, otherwise they could not get the construction license.
   Exhibitors should apply to the official contractor for dismantling or adding wall panels in advance. If the exhibitors need dismantling or adding wall panels on the spot, they should pay the related fees according to the Application for Facilities Rental.